The simple answer is because your potential clients are there and always have been. Since 2015, Discord has been serving the needs of gaming communities and since then expanded to crypto and NFT.

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform. Platform users communicate using voice and video calls, text messaging, exchanging media files and emoticons in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”

Even though it may look like a Slack riot, Discord is more than it seems. It offers more opportunities for unprecedented crypto and NFT outreach and engagement.

Usually, 50% of the NFT advertising and promo budget goes toward Discord promotion for a good reason. You can allocate thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook advertising, but that won’t do much, except for gaining extra likes and shares on your social media pages. The reason is that NFT buyers are not there. They do not spend time googling or Facebook timeline scrolling in searches of NFT buying opportunities; there are designated places for that. 

Discord is a discovery platform for new and exciting NFT and crypto projects. With one glance, you can evaluate a project’s potential and long-term value just by looking at the community’s growth rates, engagement, and project structure.

DIscord Etiquette

It is essential to build your framework of rules and regulations to set the grounds for healthy community growth.

With Discord, anything is possible: from implementing screening procedures to filter out bots, spammers, and fake accounts to moderation rules with varying levels of complexity.

Another important parameter for successful Discord utilization is structuring your communication, defining the taxonomy of the discussions, balancing between covering enough topics, and at the same time limiting the number of servers not to lose focus and, thus, the interest of your followers.

Here are four useful tips:

  1. Educate server members by inventing your rules and customs 
  2. Entertain others by making servers fun and engaging
  3. Moderate your server by enforcing what you have established; otherwise, the first two points are useless.
  4. Cultivate a sense of belonging by rewarding, responding, and asking for user feedback

But most importantly, you should tailor the Discord presence to fit the exclusive needs of your project. The niche of NFT and crypto marketing is young and evolving, and classic PR tactics may not be the most cost-effective and efficient. Do not copy or imitate what you have seen on other Discord servers; your server is the perfect ground to experiment with new user acquisition tactics.

At NFTmay, we integrate Discord marketing into Bounty community building, rewarding community members even if they are not buyers like in the “one can join a community and get a discount” type of arrangement, but rather the active participants or potential shillers.

What to do if you do not know how to start your journey on Discord?

Allow your project to grow naturally, start small and analyze the data provided by Discord bots and statistics apps. If set correctly, you can not imagine how much helpful information your dashboards can provide. You will know when and how to start the most productive debates, the key users who contribute to the community, and where there are weak links that need improvement. 

Be genuine and open about your project roadmap and milestones. To do so, you need a  community: one that is built around a challenge that needs to be overcome.

Think of Discord as Google and Facebook for NFT and assign a top priority of getting there even if it looks complicated and confusing. You will grow with it to the point that it becomes an extension of your NFT brand. 

If you need help figuring out how to launch, structure, or manage your Discord presence, contact us at