Everyone has heard and envied, even if secretly, of the artists who made fortunes selling primitive (subjective though) art pieces that were valued at millions. This created an influx of artists and opportunity catchers to the marketplaces of non-fungible tokens who believed that a new marketplace for ART emerged. 

The good news is that it is indeed a new marketplace, with lots of potential and access to diverse capital. The bad news is that it is not about ART and its value.

What has become clear from 6 figure sales in the NFT niche is that the big buyers are very much immersed in communities around NFTs, metaverse, and gaming. NFTs are an extension of the virtual world: a symbol, a meaningful monetary object, a totem that has a specific meaning and value in the context of the micro-world inhabited by ART pieces. Whether it is a true masterpiece or simply a beautiful piece. A singular asset unattached to the community (outside of the context of gaming or the metaverse) will not have a chance to exponentially grow in value, because they are not backed up by the infrastructure of the parallel universe, no matter how hyperbolized it may sound.

NFT price is not about the amount of effort it takes to create a price. It is rather an entry fee to become a part of the community that shares certain values, tastes and creates a story together. 

Before posting an item for sale on Opensea, understand your chances of actually closing a deal. 

It is possible to sell a representation of highly valued physical goods, like a collectible or established art piece, but it also comes down to having a loyal community that values it and is involved in the NFT niche.

Whatever entry to the market you may choose, it all comes down to community building and storytelling. Your art piece has to be backed up by the potential of ingrowing into the metaverse. It has to engage users into the game of co-creation and make them want to co-author. This is the way a simple pixelated image needs to be, engaging and evolving.

It is kind of like comics, except it is not.

How do you build a community?

Just like you do it in real-life:

  • Social media
  • Meetups
  • Word of mouth
  • Niche forums 
  • Discord outreach

How do we help create and grow communities around NFTs?

  • AI analysis to identify potential target audience and competition. 
  • NFT Bounty marketing helps identify potential loyal followers through a tailored reward campaign. We identify influencers and opinion leaders and engage them in bounty hunting.
  • Rebranding into scarcity. We showcase your art collections as that it will be limited in time/opportunity and will only be available on certain conditions, at particular moments, and contexts. This creates a higher demand by limiting physical representation and increasing monetary value. Classic economy.
  • Press. We can get our clients featured in top national media outlets, as we are the best media pitchers. This is an excellent opportunity to promote community building to attract collectors of rare and unique pieces.

We build communities from scratch and scale them. If your community is 100k, there is still a place to grow and we can help get bigger. If you are just starting and your community consists of school friends and your mother, we will be happy to take on the challenge. No community is too small.

Carpe Diem,- Seize the day and the opportunities it brings. We are here to help co-create your universe.