Marketing Services

for Projects in the Metaverse


Bounty Marketing

Community-building through recruitment of loyal followers and potential influencers that will be key players in expanding your outreach. We will help identify the reward and recruit effective project supporters through the relevant channels

Discord management

  • Setup, structure and launch of Discord server
  • Creation of Discord etiquette
  • Promotion of Discord server

Press Outreach

Securing mentions on reputable media outlets

Crypto SEO

  • Backlink outreach (includes content creation: blogs, posts and articles)
  • Link Intersect analysis
  • Technical SEO monitoring
  • Biweekly reporting

Data Analysis

Through a combination of marketing research and data processing, we can identify the following elements:

  • Keywords that will facilitate project discovery in crypto and NFT spaces and help website ranking
  • Potential competition in the related NFT space to expand the target audience from your current defined audience to include the competitor’s reach
  • Optimal pricing models/tiers