How Crypto and NFT Can Help Ukraine

Before going into detail on how the crypto and NFT community can help Ukraine, I’d like to reverse the statement and emphasize that despite being at war, Ukraine is unprecedentedly helping the crypto and NFT worlds’ credibility. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has initiated the Meta History: Museum of War, which uses NFT technology to raise additional financial aid for their army. This is occurring at the same time as major U.S. banks aren’t allowing crypto business owners to open a business account.

In a way, Ukraine is helping to legitimize decentralization and crypto-financing. They are leading by example – showing how countries can benefit by removing middlemen and notorious bureaucratic mechanisms when dire times come. I predict that it may even have an impact on the legal aspect of crypto-fundraising and we might even see the return of ICOs.

Another great thing that came out of this tragic war is the ability to be self-organized backed by the crypto infrastructure and decentralizing philosophy. Ukrainian volunteers accept donations in crypto and without governmental involvement acquire unmanned aerial vehicles that go directly to the Ukrainian armed forces. This happened within 2-3 days. Can you imagine the speed of execution of a similar mission by a governmental organization?

Ukraine gets a lot of support from foreign governments, including the U.S., but just imagine how much time passes from the decision to help, all the way through various legislative procedures and approvals, to the actual time when help is received.

And now imagine if this process could happen without bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Probably anyone who followed news on Ukraine heard about the stamp issued to commemorate a famous episode from February 24th, when Russia invaded Ukraine. An isolated group of Ukrainian border guard troops stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea, defied the Russian navy’s strength by a Ukrainian soldier named Roman Hrybov. He defied Russian orders to surrender, saying, “Russian Warship, Go F*ck Yourself.”

The stamp was issued in the amount of 500,000 stamps and had been sold out within a matter of days. The Russian warship being sunk contributed to its popularity. The stamp is now on the secondary market and listed on eBay with prices ranging from $100 to $10,000 a piece, and it will likely become a collectible one day.

NFTs that will make history!

Renowned US artist Lawrence W.Lee has issued his collection of monster stamps more than a month before the war in Ukraine started and launched it on KnownOrigin, he created the first-ever collection of stamps featuring Boogeyman from around the world, representing a collective evil. After the war started, he created a special stamp called Monztr Stamp Babai – representing the Russian folk boogeyman. He is kind enough to offer a percentage of the sales to help Ukraine. By buying the MONZTRs by Lawrence Lee, you help Ukraine fight its own monsters. Lawrence W. Lee is best known for his iconic shamanistic images. His work is featured in thousands of private collections around the world, as well as in the permanent collections of noted corporations, museums, and NFT collectors. Lawrence W. Lee has over 40 years of experience as a professional artist and has sold over 200 NFTs.  

He also issued a postcard “Return to Zender. It is a witty rephrase of return to sender, where Z represents the symbol of a Russian invasion. A postcard can be purchased for a symbolic price on Opensea. It also helps to fund the Ukrainian humanitarian mission. We believe this ART will become a part of the history of Ukrainian victory and all the buyers will not just acquire a piece of history but will also contribute to the aid itself.

Mriya, or Dream NFT

The world’s largest plane, the Antonov AN-225, has been destroyed by Russian invaders. The enormous aircraft, named “Mriya,” or “Dream” in Ukrainian, was parked at an airfield near Kyiv when it was attacked by Russian soldiers.

Russia may have destroyed “Mriya.” – but they will never be able to destroy the Ukrainian Dream. Ukraine will rebuild itself and build a newer Mriya.

Our partner artists have created an NFT representing Mriya. The funds raised from Mriya NFTs will be spent on financing Territorial Defense Forces— people who fight along with Ukraine’s Armed Forces to keep our dream alive.

Ukrainian Guernica

In May 2021, we received an inquiry from an artist who has lived under Russian occupation in the DNR since 2014 – Nina Val. She was unable to get her parents out, so she stayed there. She has been through a lot of challenges, violence, and other events that we would all have found it hard to live through. When we found out what she suffered, her work gave us goosebumps. She wanted to finish her collection, which is called War, but after February 24th, she decided to stop working on it and asked us to put it on sale as is.

Funds from her pieces will be spent to aid orphanages that had to relocate from territories under occupation. She and her parents are still in territory controlled by Russian invaders.

For the sake of her safety, her name has been changed.

NFT Marketing Services

We are a crypto and NFT marketing agency. Since 2017 our key service has been to aid wonderful projects that build communities (crypto and Discord communities). We unite like-minded people to projects that resonate with them. Now we want to do the same for Ukraine.

There is no us without Ukraine. There is no NFTMAY without free independent Ukrainians.

We have created a list of discounted services, the proceeds from which will be donated for purchases of critical medical supplies.

The whole civilized world now stands with Ukraine. And we will win – but with your help, we will do it faster.