We work with crypto and NFT data. We dig data, love, and analyze it. Not only that, but we know a lot of secrets and can share some of them with you. Here are 23 random data pieces that may explain to you something or inspire a new business idea.

  1. On average, it takes 40 minutes to generate an art piece that was sold for more than 1 ETH.
  2. The average NFT buyer spends 3 hours a day on NFT marketplaces and spends around 2.3 ETH a month.
  3. Pixelated art is 26% more likely to be sold than cartooned.
  4. 75% of NFT buyers believe that this is a lifetime investment.
  5. NFT buyers are more likely to join the community if it has more than 2,000 followers.
  6. Women NFT artists represent only 14% of the NFT space.
  7. Posting NFT sale announcements on active Instagram and Twitter accounts makes an item 33% more likely to be sold.
  8. 67% of NFT buyers run background checks on NFT sellers by looking up Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit before making a sale.
  9. Erotic NFTS are 15% more likely to be sold.
  10. 40% of NFT buyers are gamers.
  11. Freelance platforms had an 80% increase in job posts looking for “NFT artists”, “NFT creators”, and developers that can create mining contracts in 2021.
  12. NFT art is 90% more profitable than audio files put into the blockchain.
  13. By 2025, the industry is expected to experience 456% growth.
  14. Invite-only NFT communities that make private sales have an average price of 7.5 ETH per NFT art piece.
  15. “NFT” web search has been made 15 million times in the US, which is a 90% increase since 2020.
  16. 40% of NFT ART for sale have not been created/generated by sellers. 
  17. 55% of hired freelance artists had no idea their works were minted into NFTs.
  18. There has been a 40% increase in counterfeited NFTs or those that infringe copyright in 2021.
  19. NFT legal advisor services represent the fastest-growing legal demand
  20. There is a 40% chance you will own an NFT by the end of the year if you are not in possession of one yet!
  21. 16% of crypto holders end up losing their 12-word recovery phrase.
  22. There have been 8000 articles in US reputable outlets (1 M + readers) this year.
  23. 68,000 new domain names with NFT word in it have been registered worldwide.