Do you know that the size of your crypto/NFT community is directly correlated with the number of sales and price range categories that your NFT art pieces will get?

You will hardly find listings on OpenSea or other crypto platforms that have stable sales without community support and relationships. And that’s for the reason – nobody needs NFTs without the potential to increase in price and an increase in price is usually backed up by high adoption rates among the population.

So in short, no community – no love.

What is a community in the context of crypto and NFT?

Community is an evolving organism, united around the idea of creating wealth and concepts for interaction in a metaverse. A typical community member is at the same time a loyal buyer, a marketer, who spreads the word, an admin, who makes sure the community is free from spam and solicitation, and will take measures to guard the rules of the community.

If you started thinking about buying fake bot followers you can forget about it now: these will never convert into real communities as defined above and will never bring any results. 

Gradual cultivation is the best option, that may not be the fastest but proves to be the best working model.

How do we grow communities?

  1. We usually start with an analysis of your concept, visuals, and philosophy. NFTs are usually the results of cross-discipline abstraction, where elements from different niches are combined and it is our task to identify weak and strong points of the idea, competition, target audience in all price segments, opportunities for free advertising, and PR  using competitor’s discourse. 
  2. We use Big Data analytics to define:
  •  the best time for launch ( if the product has not been listed), 
  •  key influencers in the campaign,
  •  rewarding algorithms for founding community members.

Our Commitment to Your NFT community

If we choose to work with a client on community building we make sure there are no conflicts of interest by:

  • Never launching or promoting our own art collections to make sure no client data is used for our own benefit.  This is also a part of our standard agreement.
  • Never working with direct competitors. Direct competitors are NFT producers who share a similar buyers’ pool in a similar pricing category with an artistic concept that may be close in terms of aesthetics. That is why before taking a project on board as a client – we run the screening process.
  • Never use your company’s success as a use case to attract new customers. We have other ways to demonstrate we are experts in what we do.

Interested to learn more about our work and management style? Drop us a line at