In 2017, we worked with multiple Blockchainpowered projects, helping them implement the principles of decentralization and smart contract infrastructure. Our clients were mostly FinTech startups who were looking to raise funding but had trouble finding marketing experts to join the team. C-suite marketers seemed useless in the context of crypto: they could work with milliondollar budgets but had little idea how to work with Bitcoin nerds.

We watched multiple projects fail and succeed. It was exciting to watch projects with amateur marketers raise millions of dollars during ICOs, or super-funded startups hardly raise their soft caps. It really conveyed just how different the crypto landscape can be and the unique challenges involved.

At that time, we were also one of the few who could talk to the press and top media outlet contributors about newly hyped tech and thus worked on many educational and research materials that have been published.

This gave us a very unique perspective on the “inner kitchen” of crypto marketing. We had access to unique communities and resources, and most importantly, data that helped us to predict a project’s failure or success. Eventually, one of our clients told us that he wanted us to manage marketing operations aside from technical development.

And so, we did. We understood that all the marketers were new to this. They were inventing, experimenting, and most importantly learning. And so were we.


How did we learn?


We analyzed over 100 of carefully selected ICOs/STOs that had access to funding and projects that were bootstrapping.

We followed up with projects whose fundraising campaigns failed by offering to re-brand their fundraising and learn from their mistakes.

We became members of every crypto community out there in order to be constantly informed about the latest trends, acronyms, and news distribution patterns.

But most importantly, we identified and hired the most creative, talented, and smart people out there. After 2 very productive years of work, our company has been acquired by Rivex Technology and was re-structured to cater to a wider range of projects and clients.

In the midst of COVID-19, the BigBreak101 founder gathered the new team to work together again in the NFT niche. We all had a lot of practical knowledge and experience with crypto fundraising, but there was still a lot to learn when it came to the peculiarities of NFT marketing.

Our team speaks five languages and our team members are distributed throughout the world. This helps us to effectively manage communities in all time zones and to tailor and localize marketing campaigns to fit very specific needs.

Since 2020, our team has helped superstar projects that are now household names. Oftentimes we are hired as middlemen by top PR agencies who are still figuring out the nuts and bolts of crypto.

In the beginning of 2022, a major Londonbased PR firm offered us a chance to create a series of training sessions for their personnel to get a deep dive into NFT and crypto markets. It was a challenge, to tell you the truth, to switch from being doers to teachers and to guide rather than execute. But since February we have conducted over ten training sessions, each being around 60 hours long. As part of these well-organized sessions, we have shared our experience and knowledge about what we know, what we have discovered, and what really works when it comes to selling utility-powered NFTs.

We believe that it is time to give back to the community. To do this, we are launching our “Crypto Marketer” course starting December 1st. It will be an interesting and honest course where we will share our F#@kups, along with our success stories. And in the end, we will award you with a certificate of completion.


Who the course is for:


  • Crypto marketing and PR agencies that want to cater to crypto and NFT projects
  • Project owners that plan to launch their NFT or crypto products
  • Marketing consultants that want to expand their services to the crypto niche
  • Crypto community builders
  • NFT designers and artists
  • Marketing freelancers 
  • Crypto enthusiasts that want to evaluate project potential
  • Curious people


What you will learn:


  • How to get from zero to the first one thousand project supporters
  • How to define the price point of your NFT and the amount of NFTs to be minted in order to preserve scarcity
  • How to motivate community growth
  • How to design a balanced project utility
  • How to best choose your crypto channels
  • How to best hire consultants and freelancers while avoiding being scammed
  • How secure placements on reputable outlets like Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur
  • You will also get the access to:
  • Secrets of shilling, crowdshilling, and crowd news distribution
  • The potential of bounty marketing for community growth and successful Mint
  • Airdrop marketing Dos and Don’ts
  • Discord marketing: structuring of the server and promo tactics
  • Information regarding insider vocabulary
  • Buzz generation on Twitter, including cross hashtag sharing
  • The architecture of successful collaborations
  • Reddit marketing: organic and sponsored Reddit promo campaigns
  • Influencer marketing and outreach tactics
  • Whitelist marketing and strategizing
  • Medium and Hackernoon marketing
  • Paid crypto marketing
  • NFT campaign launches in the context of current global events
  • Other Resources: Telegram, subreddit channels, Discord shilling zones, and Bounty templates
  • Offline marketing
  • Speaker opportunities, local meetups, Twitter spaces and AMA sessions
  • Giveaway architecture
  • Other useful tools, services, and products

And much more

This is a version of our course that was created for PR professionals and was improved based on feedback from prior sessions. We will be launching it on December 1st and May 31st. Please contact us at if you are interested in enrolling. 70 spots are already reserved for marketing professionals in the firms we are consulting, but 30 extra spaces are available for anyone else who is interested!